Global Spectrum Consultants have an accumulated experience of international management consultancy services for almost 30 years in several industries and, have an impressive network of associates in several important countries well known for providing technologies in EU, Scandinavia and USA.

We advise clients across the world on strategy, technology transfers, business transformation and innovation Our Market Research Division (MRD) is geared to do very quick, high-level product, sector or country studies as well as full-fledged research exercises.

Our consulting practice was founded in 1992 as Team Up Services Group (New Delhi), and was recently (in 2013) rechristened as Global Spectrum Consultants (GSC). We operate out of offices in New Delhi (Head office), Mumbai, Bangalore and Chandigarh and serve clients in India, Europe, Scandinavia, USA and the Middle-East.

The company was setup with the objective of resolving complex strategic and operational issues. Our reputation and credibility have been built through delivering practical and implementable solutions to clients – both domestic and international covering both the manufacturing and the services sectors. This philosophy helps us nurture lasting client relationships and guarantees value maximization in all our engagements.

We have executed assignments in over 15 countries around the world giving us wide geographical experience which enables us to maintain a global perspective while retaining the local flavour of individual markets.